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Relax, this is an old picture of me in the middle, I’m self-quarantining as everyone should be right now! 🦠 I know that everyone is scared right now, so am I. I am not immunocopromised but I do have some of those “underlying conditions” that the news is talking about. It doesn’t make me any more likely to catch the virus, but it makes my chances of beating it significantly less than the average person my age. I have severe asthma and COPD. Both of these are chronic lung conditions that affect my respiratory system which is dangerous because this is a respiratory virus that attacks the lungs, leaving even healthy people who have recovered from the virus with damaged lungs and reduced lung capacity. So yes, I am scared for myself and scared for my Mom, Dad, and Grandpa who are all more likely to succumb to the virus than I am. Please listen to the warnings. Stay home (if you can), don’t drink (weakens the immune system), wash your hands, keep a 6ft distance, wear gloves, don’t touch things, people, or your face unless necessary. PLEASE do not hoard supplies. I had to go to 4 stores looking for toilet paper because every store was empty. (If you’re in the same situation and live in downtown Sacramento, Gold Star Mart on 10th and S st. has four packs for $3.99 and single rolls for $1.99 right now.) This is a time to be selfless, be generous, protect yourselves, protect each other, and to HELP, not harm. â €

I also wanted to say that since we’re all mostly stuck at home, don’t feel pressured to use this time for productivity. I’ve seen a lot of “Corona To-Do” lists going around and while keeping busy might help some, it’s not necessary for all. If what you need right now is to rest or to distract yourself, do that. Do what you need for your mental health. â €
â €
I’m going to continue to post because social media is my job (and fun for me, I wouldn’t have two accounts if it wasn’t) and I hope you guys understand and enjoy the upcoming non-virus related content moving forward. If any of you need a little online social interaction during our irl social distancing, feel free to reach out to me and check below for what I’ve been doing during quarantine if you need some ideas!



  • I finally finished season 2 of Castle Rock.
  • I started and finished The Outsider.
  • Tomas and I revisited West World (because a ‘previously on’ IS NOT ENOUGH with that show) and started the new season.
  • I started reading ‘The Regulators’ by “Richard Bachman” AKA Stephen King.
  • I also started listening to ‘I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara on Audible (which might be too ambitious, I don’t know if my two brain cells can handle two books at the same time but we’ll see.)
  • I did a huge bedroom overhaul and decluttered/reorganized everything!
  • I’ve been doing all of the DIY projects I had planned but didn’t have the time for before. (I filmed some, too, so I’ll put them in my instagram stories if you want to see!)
  • I’ve been writing. (Online and off!)
  • I’ve been editing photos.
  • I’ve been listening to the RENT soundtrack almost exclusively for comfort.
  • I’ve also spent a lot of my time “wasting” time on social media watching videos and looking at memes and that’s OK too!â €


Stay safe, stay sane. đź’›



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