Some day I will figure out how to write an about me that doesn’t make me want to cringe but today is not that day. I probably shouldn’t have an about page but most websites do and when I go to a website and there isn’t an about page I get pretty upset about it so I’m not going to do that to you. I’ve included my instagram bio in my side bar and that pretty much says everything I normally include in descriptions of me so I’m just going to elaborate on that for now and maybe write an about me in the future, we’ll see. As the side bar says, my name is Jenn(ifer but don’t call me that) DeCima. It’s pronounced DEE-SEE-MUH in my family but that is entirely incorrect. It’s actually Italian and pronounced kind of like DAY-CHEE-MA but with an accent if you’re saying it correctly. It means the tithe but I know very little about my Italian ancestry and I much prefer to tell people that I’m named after the roman goddess Decima who was a part of three fates responsible for distributing all of the good and bad things in life. Her mother was the goddess of night and her father was the god of darkness and that is a lot cooler than a tithe, I promise. I live in Sacramento, California and I have for almost my entire life. I’m an aries (sun, pisces moon, cancer rising and that is very important to me and I let horoscopes run my life so if you don’t want to hear about astrology this is your first red flag that this and me are not for you). I’m also an INFJ and 2W1 if you’re more into that. I’m an intersectional feminist and I don’t really talk about it a lot but my views and the things I’m passionate about are shaped by that so it’s worth mentioning. I’m KIND OF an artist. To be honest I was hyping myself up when I put that in my bio. I think I’m more so just a creative person with an artistic eye but you know what’s easier to write? Artist. You know what sounds better than “I edit all of my photos until I can barely recognize myself in them”? Photo filter enthusiast. Maybe now that I have a blog I’ll start calling myself a writer next, we’ll see!